Fire Alarms

As suppliers of an extensive selection of fire detection equipment, we offer a wide and varied range of specially selected fire alarm system. We’re professionals in the fire safety industry and, as such, have amassed a wealth of experience and specialist knowledge when it comes to supplying, installing and maintaining high quality fire alarm systems which offer complete protection for a range of commercial, industrial and residential properties.

Our extensive range of equipment includes high quality fire alarm panels, call points, detectors and innovative wireless fire alarm technology. Whether you want a brand-new system installed or would like your current system updated, modified or maintained, we are the people to call. We work closely with you to tailor all our services to your individual specifications.

We offer full monitoring of our systems via a specialist alarm receiving centre who can contact key holders or the fire brigade depending on your requirements. This service can be easily added to your existing system if needed.

We have earned a reputation as a highly reliable and professional fire protection company. When you call upon our assistance, you can rest assured of high quality materials, superior standard workmanship and finished results which meet relevant regulations and safety requirements. Simply give us a call at Complete Fire today!

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